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At a young age music was my focus rather than art. I was a music performance major playing the trumpet. It wasn’t until after college and a 15 year career as an engineering draftsman that I considered changing my life and beginning a career in oil painting. Believe it or not I was inspired to start painting after watching the Harry Potter films and all those lovely talking portraits!


More so than any particular subject my focus is drawn to color and light and the details. As in life, even the simplest things contain important details and even when discreet and completely almost unnoticeable, they are there unapologetically and unceremoniously dictating the viewer’s experience in life or in art.


I’ve been somewhat of a renaissance man having lived aboard sailboats, flown airplanes and worked for the airlines, designed and drafted engineering projects, payed my way through college playing trumpet in jazz bands, symphony and ballet gigs. The commonality in all these things is a requirement for focus, both on details and especially patience. This has translated into my art career as well and patience has profoundly had a positive effect on all aspects of my life.


Although currently my work mostly focuses on food related still life there are no boundaries or particular subjects or genres that I feel a special bond toward and my future career will head in whichever direction that inspires me the most. I want to get as much out of art and life as I can while I can.


select works available

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